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FBA products, over 30% off, no adult content.

1-2 Day Post Only FBA No Adults
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Post in 5 groups, reaching over 300k people, 40% off or more, no adult/sensitive content.

Adult OK 90% Rate 40%+ Discount Quick Post Only FBA
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FBA/FBM, discount required over 35%, FBA no selection, FBM occasionally selected.

90% Rate 40%+ Discount 4+ Stars Can send FBM 1-2 Day Post
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Wigs and home products are quite good, no discount requirements, the larger the better, can be on independent sites or Walmart.

90% Rate Quick Post New product launch
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All categories are available for shipping. FBM is also available for shipping, but product selection is required. Interesting household items and toys are more popular.

90% Rate 40%+ Discount Can send FBM 1-2 Day Post
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