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Discounts over 40%, FBA and FBM listings allowed, wide audience, active community, new products welcome, no category limits. Feedback within 24 hours (holidays excluded).

90% Rate 40%+ Discount Can send FBM 1-2 Day Post
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Discounts over 40%, FBA/FBM products, broad audience, active community, accepts new items, no category limits.
Feedback within 24 hours (except holidays). Posted in 4 groups, with a screenshot from one group.

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Over 40% discount, new arrivals available, suitable for adults (without posters), usually sent alongside junkies XL.

Adult OK 40%+ Discount New product launch Can send FBM
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For FBA orders, a minimum discount of 50% off is required. New products are acceptable. Orders should not be submitted on Saturdays, but can be submitted on all other days.

Only FBA 50%+ Discount No FBM No Adults
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Fans 52K

Introduce new products, use FBM, avoid adult, medical, and political-related items, fast delivery, typically can be posted on the same day.

New product launch 1-3 Day Post Quick Post No Politics No Adults
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Requesting FBA, able to launch new products, post within 1-2 days, any product is fine, looking for fast posting and effective group, excluding adult products.

New product launch 1-3 Day Post Only FBA
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